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The solution to increase clinical competency for healthcare professionals and medical students

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Medical professionals can now upgrade their skills at any time and in any place without the availability of a physical patient, facilities, medical tools, mannequins or cadavers.

Learn New Procedures

Medical professionals and students can now learn new procedures on their own without any physical instructors.

Enhanced Realism

Real life accuracy of anatomy, instruments, and the entire environment come together to deliver an all-immersive practising experience.

About MMS

The first of it's kind in Africa, the Metaverse Medical Simulations is a technology being built by OJ Technologies LTD for virtually simulating medical procedures

This allows healthcare providers and medical students to learn various medical procedures such as surgeries, treatments, and the handling of different medical equipment without having to use a physical patient whilst leveraging our 3D virtual patient, equipment, and facility models.

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Work at your BEST

Saving lives is not just a job, it’s a calling.

As health professionals, we need to be at our BEST in every procedure, as we hold the KEY to our patient’s survival/continuous existence.

Mistakes have to be at their barest minimum because we deal with LIFE.

Simulating medical procedures helps us stay at our best at every procedure. It allows us to learn, practice, master, and rehearse procedures on demand, at any time.

  • We use cutting-edge technology to help you perform at your best in every procedure.
  • We exist to close the knowledge and skills gap in Africa's healthcare sector. In other words, we are only here because of you.
  • Our technology is designed to assist you in learning from mistakes and practicing on a regular basis, thereby increasing retention, mitigating risk, and reducing skill decay.
  • We enable you to train on your terms from anywhere, boosting your performance through powerful analytics.

Built by practitioners for practitioners. MMS kit was founded and is run by MDs, PAs, RNs, and other clinicians.

How It Works

Become more efficient in all medical procedures with the designed 3 easy steps


Watch medical procedures being carried out in an all immersive experience.


Get involved, follow the instructions/guide and carry out procedurees on your virtual patient/machine.


Perform the procedure without any instructions on your own and scale your confidence.


MMS is not just a product for health students, it also serves health practioners as well. While health students use it for their everyday training, health practioners use it for rehearsing and mastering medical procedures before engaging with a live patient, and also, for learning new procedures.

Virtual medical simulation like MMS has proven to be 83% more cost-effective than the regular high-fidelity mannequin-based simulations. This approach increases clinical performance by 250%, makes it four times faster, and learners and practitioners are four times more focused. Win-win situation for all involved, including the patients.

Fill the sign up form to keep in touch with our progress and be a part of our early users. You get up to 50% discount on your metaverse virtual reality kit when we launch as well as be among the first to know about the launch.

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